How Buying Local In Toronto Helps Small Businesses During Covid

How Buying Local In Toronto Helps Small Businesses During Covid

Are you a Toronto resident wondering why everyone emphasizes buying from small businesses?

Ever since the start of COVID-19 earlier this year, people have been talking more and more about purchasing from local businesses. If you're like most people, though, you probably have a few trusted brands that you go to for your regular shopping.

Buying from local shops would require some research, and frankly, you might think you don't have the time to figure it out. Yet, buying local plays a crucial role in helping our community survive the pandemic.

In a time in which we all must work together to get through as unscathed as possible, purchasing from local companies has become a must.

But how exactly does buying local help?

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Toronto Companies Have Suffered in 2020

Have you noticed the number of shuttered businesses around the city lately?

COVID-19 forced many smaller Toronto businesses to close their doors. At first, this was a matter of safety. The business owners followed protocols designed to keep them and their employees from contracting the lethal disease.

Some adapted, creating curbside or delivery services, or meeting their clients online. Still, the economy entered a recession. This impacted businesses, and in May, Canadian unemployment reached 13.6%. 

This is the largest amount of unemployed people our country has seen since 1976.  

Because of the soaring unemployment rates, a significant portion of the population has had less money for extra expenditures.

This has hit smaller businesses hardest, as those that provided specialty services became out of the budget of many Toronto residents. Even if they provided an essential service, they usually had much bigger brand competitors.

How Does Your Business Help?

You might wonder whether or not spending your money on local companies actually makes a difference. Does the business of one customer really do anything?

Think of it this way: most businesses are built with purchases from individual customers. While the money of one customer may not single-handedly save a company, it still helps them get by, especially if you make more than one purchase. 

No matter what, purchasing from local stores helps your neighbors' businesses stay afloat. It also bolsters the local economy by giving money to Toronto residents, which will then give them more leeway to make more purchases.

How to Help Local Businesses

By now, you might be wondering how to help local businesses. After all, you only have a limited amount of cash, and you want to make the most of it. 

Start by thinking about what you need to purchase throughout the week. Include everything you can come up with, from food to personal items. Then, start researching local sellers who sell these items.

Below, we'll go into some additional tips for helping local businesses.

Buying Local from Farmers

Looking to support local businesses with your food shopping?

When most people think of buying from farmers, they think of walking through a crowded farmers' market. Because many farmers' markets have had to close, farmers have not been able to make a profit off of them.

Even when they can find an open farmers' market, fewer people are willing to attend, shrinking their profits. 

Yet, you can still support farmers via your local farmers' market website. Many farmers' markets will gladly provide information on their vendors, and you can contact them to see if they have any of their goods for sale. 

Some farmers' markets in Toronto have also reopened. If yours has, consider going to one while wearing a mask and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

We also sell food from local vendors, from fresh vegetables to dessert!

Order from Restaurants

Let's be honest: we're all a little tired of not being able to eat at a restaurant without taking a considerable risk. 

The good news? We can mitigate that risk and still enjoy good food by ordering takeout from local restaurants. 

Toronto features many mouthwatering local establishments. If you haven't had the chance to get acquainted with some of our unique, local cuisine, we highly recommend checking out these amazing eateries

Buy Gifts

Holiday season is just around the corner, meaning it's time to start thinking about what you're going to get your loved ones this Christmas.

Toronto offers a wide variety of different possible presents, from books sold at local bookstores to gift baskets

Have a friend or family member for whom you don't know what to buy? Get a gift card to a local store, and while you're at it, buy something for yourself!


Non-profits provide many essential services in Toronto. They feed the homeless, provide after school programs for at-risk children, etc.

Without them, many in our community would be much worse off than they are now.

Yet, the pandemic has hit the non-profits hard. Many of them rely on donations to afford their services, but the economic downturn forced donors to cancel their monthly giving. 

Because of this, many non-profits now fear they may have to close, leaving those they serve vulnerable.

As such, consider giving to a non-profit you love, even if you can only manage small donations. Encourage others to donate as well so these important little organizations don't go under. 

Give Back

Even if you don't have the extra funds to support many local organizations, you can still give them your time or resources.

During the pandemic, many places have struggled to pay employee salaries, which has led to cuts. This gives you a unique opportunity to help. 

Do some research on which organizations are willing to accept volunteers. Perhaps you could volunteer to run a farmers' market booth so that the business owner can attend a second farmers' market and sell more products. 

Or, you could donate needed items to your local non-profit so they don't have to buy the supplies themselves.

Ready to Buy Local?

Are you ready to start supporting Toronto businesses and buying local?

If so, we couldn't be more excited! Purchasing from local companies goes a long way in keeping much-needed businesses afloat. Your support could help keep a local business owner above water!

Not sure where to start? We offer a variety of items from different local businesses. Contact us today to learn more!