Multi-Flavour Popcorn tin


Who doesn't love popcorn?  Well buckle up because this multi-flavour tin is stuffed with 3 different flavours of gourmet popcorn selected specifically with your recipient(s) personality(s) in mind.  The Toronto Popcorn Company has too many flavours to mention, and each is better than the next.  This fun can brings together flavour combinations that are designed by the gourmet artisans themselves.

Selections are:

  • The Classic:  Traditional family favorites in savory flavours (2 gallon $28.50, 3.5 gallon $52.50)
  • The Adventurer:  Creatively chosen; 2 savory and 1 sweet flavours that you can't find anywhere  (2 gallon $30.25, 3.5 gallon $55.50)
  • The Sweetheart: A special tin featuring on the sweeter side of popcorn (2 gallon $33.75, 3.5 gallon $61.50)
  • The Foodie: Premium gourmet flavours (2 gallon $38.25, 3.5 gallon $69)

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