The Barbecue Master


The Barbecue Master is perfect for those that like to grill, cook, or dip!  A trio of low, medium and marinating hot No.7 Hot Sauces.  This gift basket includes:

  • No.7 Hot Sauce Chile De Arbol is a tomato based sauce which allows the Arbol pepper to shine with its nutty and toasty flavour profile recommended for the steak lovers but like all hot sauces top it on all your favourite foods. Chile de Arbol reaches midway on the Scoville Scale at 15,000 - 30,000 heat units. Spicy!!!
  • No.7 Hot Sauce Habanero Garlic Sauce is for the garlic lovers!! Made with the Original Habanero blend and with the addition of more garlic. Great when used as marinade or dip. Habanero Garlic.
  • No.7 Hot Sauce This blend was inspired by Carlo's childhood memories of a sauce named "Salsa Borracha" which means "Drunken Sauce" as it is made with Tequila. Taking this idea and the Pasilla pepper which is naturally sweet (Pasilla is also called or known as "little raisin") and with a request for a twist on BBQ Sauce, we decided to tone down the heat and give No. 7 it's first ever Mild hot sauce! Pasilla pepper on the Scoville Scale is only 1000 to 3999.

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